Lost Witness

Genre: Vocal Trance / Melodic Trance

[Af: Marius EJ]

Lagt på nettet: 2007 eller tidligere
Opdateret: Tors. 28. juni 2007 - 15:24

Rigtige Navn: Simon Paul & Simon Kemper


Lost Witness are DJ / Producer Simon Paul and producer Simon Kemper. The dynamic duo met and formed in May 1998 as Dusk Til Dawn and enjoyed the underground success of Fine Night, which in turn brought songwriter Ed Barton into the frame as the third, if more silent member, to complete the happy union. Paul & Kemper have both experienced similar musical upbringings with Paul´s parents heavily influenced by big band and jazz while Kemper´s pursued and continue to pursue the opera. Simon Paul has been actively DJing for 14 years, following the peaks and troughs of house music which has inevitably shaped the way he produces. Simon Kemper has been equally molded by keeping himself up to date with his clubbing experiences in and around London. The fusion of both has culminated in a plethora of musical, vocal trance anthems. Happiness Happening, their first single, debuted at the very respectable # 18 on the UK Pop Chart along with being a # 1 club hit in the UK. Their follow-up single, which has already been released in the UK last summer was Red Sun Rising. Lost Witness are dedicated to vocal, song based club tunes with mass crossover appeal.



Happiness Happening (1999)

CD 1:
1. Radio Edit (03:36)
2. Lange Remix (08:51)
3. Way Out West Mix (07:26)

Red Sun Rising (1999)

CD 1:
1. Radio Edit (02.51)
2. Balearic Mix (07:00)
3. Lange Remix (07:06)

7 Colours (2000)

CD 1:
1. Radio Edit (03:15)
2. Original Mix (07.22)
3. Moguai Vocal Mix (08:31)

Did I Dream (Song To The Siren) (2001)

CD 1:
1. Radio Edit (03:04)
2. Minimalistix Remix (07:07)
3. Dj Tisto Remix (08:33)

Wait For You (2004)

CD 1:
1. Radio Edit (03.24)
2. Lost Witness Original Mix (06:05)
3. EX-3 Remix (06.54)
4. Kevin Remix (05:40)
5. Quadraphonic Remix (08:24)

Home (feat. Tiff Lacey) (2005)

CD 1:
1. Original Radio Edit (03:06)
2. Sosumi vs. Kumuchi Radio Edit (03.10)
3. Original Mix (07:45)
4. Mike Shiver Catching Sun Remix (08:36)
5. Michael Parsberg & JS Remix (06:26)
6. Sosumi vs. Kumuchi Remix (05:18)

Whatever (vs. Sassot) (2007)

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